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Here's a selection of papers published this year by some of the SGEL researchers.

Bartl, M. & van der Horst, N. Taking the Green Transition Seriously: A Proposal for a ‘Transition Reserve’. Enabling Transition of Large Emitters in the Netherlands. August 2022

Bogoeski, V. Continuities of exploitation: seasonal migrant workers in German agriculture during the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Law & Society, October 2022

Broulík, J., Cultural Capture of Competition Policy: Exploring the Risk in the US and the EU. World Competition, Vol. 45, No. 2, 2022, p. 159-194.

Burgers, L. An Apology Leading to Dystopia: Or, Why Fuelling Climate Change Is Tortious, Transnational Environmental Law, Vol. 11, June 2022

Donders, Y.; Tararas, K. Mainstreaming Science and Human Rights in UNESCO. The Right to Science: Then and Now. ed. / H. Porsdam; S. Porsdam Mann. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2022. p. 124-139.

Eckes, C. Strategic climate litigation and polarisation: Fanning or smothering the flames of societal conflicts? 2022. Faculty of Law, Department of Economics, Leiden University.

Eckes, C.; Ankersmit, L.J. The compatibility of the Energy Charter Treaty with EU law. 2022. 60 p.

Eller, K., Salminen, J., Viljanen, M., Sobel-Read, K., Digital platforms as second-order lead firms: Beyond the industrial/digital divide in regulating value chains, European Review of Private Law

Isailović, I., Towards a Sustainable Global Economic Law: Shifts, Ruptures and Social Justice, Transformative Private Law Blog, July 4th, 2022

Leiter, A., Petersmann, M., Tech‑based Prototypes in Climate Governance: On Scalability, Replicability, and Representation, Law & Critique, July 2022

Leone, C., A (private law) theory for sustainable legal education?, German Law Journal, Vol. 23, July 2022

Mak, C., Corporate sustainability due diligence: more than ticking the boxes?, Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law, Vol. 29, June 2022

Mann, J.K, Risky Business: will TotalEnergies be complicit in international crimes if it continues doing business in Russia? ReThinking SLIC, April 2022.

Tagiuri, G. How EU Law Politicizes Markets and Creates Opportunities for Progressive Coding. European Law Open.

Venzke, I. The Practice of Interpretation in International Law: Strategies of Critique. International Legal Theory: Foundations and Frontiers. ed. Jeff Dunoff; Mark A. Pollack. Oxford University Press, 2022.

Vidigal, G.; Venzke, I., Of False Conflicts and Real Challenges: Trade Agreements, Climate Clubs, and Border Adjustments. AJIL unbound, Vol. 116, 2022, p. 202-207.

Weimer, M.; Morvillo, M. Who shapes the CJEU regulatory jurisprudence? On the epistemic power of economic actors and ways to counter it, European Law Open, November 2022